Established in the year 1967, the Kejriwal Group has been an excellent source of a wide diversity of food products from India for nearly 45 years – from Fruit Pulps, Spices, Tea, and Rice etc. to of course Honey. Kejriwal Group sell their Honey & organic products in 4 different brands names Nature’s Nectar, Nature’s Nectar Select, Van Antara, Honeychew.

Nature’s Nectar

We source from bee farms across the length and breadth of the country, and we have the largest network of registered beekeepers. Our efforts have helped Indian Honey to be amongst one of the most sought-after Honey varieties in the world. Honey connoisseurs, across the globe, absolutely love Nature’s Nectar

Nature’s Nectar Select

Nature’s Nectar Select is unique Unifloral Honey Range focusing on specific flora and flauna.For eg, Tulsi Honey, Forest Honey, Sidr Honey, Acacia Honey etc. All are sourced from unique floral sources/Bee Hives.


Honeychew was born from a passion to replace sugar-coated candies with a quick, nutritious, sweet, tasty and wholesome snack. We ended up creating a chewy bar that is power-packed, healthy, easy to carry, and tasty, and loved by all age-groups. Honeychew is an award-winning, innovative patented product.

Van Antara

Vanantara : Organic Range of brand “ Vanantara “ is sourced from Hills, Forests, Tribal Areas etc. Where chemicals and pesticides Could not reach .The range includes value added products of Value Added Products of Organic Honey, Organic Millets, Organic Grocery etc.

Kejriwal Honey has continuously strived to adhere to stringent norms in its production process to let its customers avail of the ultimate benefits of honey in its purest form.

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